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Sudan general who led coup threatens to expel UN envoy

CAIRO (AP) – Sudan’s top general threatened to expel the United Nations (UN) envoy to the country, accusing him of ”flagrant interference” in the country’s affairs.

Friday’s comments by head of Sudan’s ruling Sovereign Council General Abdel-Fattah Burhan came after UN envoy Volker Perthes warned that Sudan was heading for ”an economic and security collapse” unless it addresses the political paralysis.

Speaking at a ceremony for new graduates of Sudan’s military academy in Khartoum, Burhan called on Perthes to ”stop exceeding the UN mission’s mandate and blatant interference in Sudanese affairs”.

”To the UN envoy, Volker, if you exceeded the mandate, we would kick you out of Sudan,” he told the cheering graduates.

Burhan also called on the UN and the African Union to ”facilitate dialogue among Sudanese and avoid exceeding their mandate and interfere in the country’s affairs”.

Perthes is leading international efforts to find a way out of the crisis in Sudan. He told the UN Security Council last Monday that the absence of a political agreement has led to a economic, humanitarian and security crisis in the country.