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Students share inspirations behind winning anti-drug posters

It took Mohammad Akmal Darwisy bin Kamaluddin, an upper secondary school student at Mahad Islam Brunei, four days to finish his entry to the Narcotics Control Bureau anti-drug poster competition.

Mohammad Akmal Darwisy created the poster based on the notion of ‘If there are no drugs, there will be a happy life’, which won the hearts of judges and was named the winner.

“Avoiding or staying away from drugs can make our life more peaceful, ensuing a brighter future. So, don’t take drugs,” said Mohammad Akmal Darwisy.

Meanwhile, fellow schoolmate Haifa Firzanah binti Lauraaffiezan @ Mohd Azizan, who came in second place in the lower secondary category, shared that her artwork is a message to teenagers to refrain from taking drugs by highlighting the negative impacts on family, knowledge and health.

“I drew a teenager hugging the globe symbolising that the youth are very important for the future and there will come a time for them to protect themselves and others from social ills such as drug abuse,” said Haifa Firzanah. Haifa Firzanah, whose passion in art began in kindergarten, expressed hopes that youth will stay vigilant and follow the right path.

Meanwhile, Tiong Ing Hoe of Seri Mulia Sarjana School, the winner in the lower-secondary category, shared that his idea of creating the artwork was based on real life experiences.

“I took expression from people that I look up to and my teachers who help me to pave my life and incorporate what I have seen,” he said. “I don’t really have much experience with people who do drugs but I based it off on movies and shows I have seen and that is how I got the impression for this one,” said Tiong. – Lyna Mohamad

ABOVE & BELOW: Acting Permanent Secretary (Core Education) at the Ministry of Education Aliuddin bin Haji Abdul Rahman with Mohammad Akmal Darwisy bin Kamaluddin; Haifa Firzanah binti Lauraaffiezan @Mohd Azizan; and Tiong Ing Hoe. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD