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Students celebrated in special graduation

Lyna Mohamad

Year 6 Class of 2021 at Haji Mohd Salleh Primary School in Sungai Hanching had a memorable graduation day recently to mark their academic success in the Primary School Assessment (PSR).

The graduation was carried out in a hybrid drive through system where the families took turn collecting their certificates and awards from Headmistress Nazrah binti Haji Abdul Samad before taking group photos.

There were smiles on the faces of both students and parents. A parent said, “I didn’t expect the ceremony to be this joyful as I was expecting a typical drive-through. I was amazed to see a beautifully decorated ‘stage’ along with enthusiastic headmistress and teachers.”

Students Ikhwan and Umairah were equally impressed and expressed their gratitude to the school. They said they will miss their school and thanked the teachers for their patience and sacrifices that brought academic success to the students.

Two students and a proud parent in a group photo. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD