Friday, June 14, 2024
30 C
Brunei Town

Stray issue needs to be resolved

I am writing on behalf of the residents of Kampong Belimbing Subok to call on the authorities to look into the issue of stray dogs in the area.

The situation has worsened over the years, with the animals now roaming freely, sleeping on staircases and damaging cars in the parking lot.

We live in an apartment building, so there’s no fencing to keep these strays from venturing into our compound.

The stray issue is nothing new. However, I believe a more decisive stance need to be taken to tackle it once and for all.

At this point, all these dogs have been doing is scratching our cars; but what if they become a danger to our children?

I hope the authorities could take action as it is an increasingly pressing issue in our area.

Belimbing Star