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Stray animals also need compassion

I am writing this letter in response to an opinion headlined ‘Stray animal issue worsening’ by ‘HJ’ published in the Weekend on January 29.

I can understand the writer’s apprehension over the problem of stray dogs wandering in his village. People should know the reason these dogs roam from one place to another is that they are homeless with no owners to care for them.

People should also disregard the idea that all dogs are hostile and violent.

All animals act on instinct. It is a well-known fact that all animals such as dogs would get defensive whenever they feel threatened. If cats were treated the exact same way as dogs, then these feline creatures will equally be a threat to everyone. Any actions portrayed by animals towards us are a reflection of how we treat them. Some NGOs have been trying to help these stray animals by neutering and spaying them to reduce their population.

Instead of hurting and harming these helpless creatures, donations can be made to associations affiliated to the care of stray animals.

I also hope this would help in understanding the situation and that everyone should show more compassion to these animals.

Animal Lover