Sunday, February 25, 2024
27 C
Brunei Town

Stop exploiting QO food ration

I would like to applaud the authorities for the swift action during this third COVID-19 wave.

Now that the peak of transmission is behind us, I can only hope that we can finally focus our attention on recovery.

I fully support the use of BruHealth app in contact tracing; it has allowed us to control the spread of the virus. The additional features, such as requesting for food ration, are also helpful.

However, I have noticed some on quarantine order exploiting the good will of the authorities by getting multiple members of the same household to obtain food ration.

This is such a selfish behaviour, especially in times of crisis. There are underprivileged people out there who need the assistance too. I hope the authorities could call these people out on the daily press conference. Even if it doesn’t get through to them, their relatives and friends may try to put a stop to it.

Disappointed Citizen