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Start-up challenges discussed during business panel

Adib Noor

Business experts and entrepreneurs shared some advice on becoming a successful start-up during a panel at the Digital Future Conference at The Empire Brunei yesterday.

“The startup journey is long, difficult and unpredictable, if your are not ready for it, then don’t do it, but if you are ready and really passionate about it then, do it,” shared co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Md Hadi Shafie Othman.

Meanwhile CEO of Track & Roll Simon Soo said the role of a start-up is to provide solutions to a problem. It is also “crucial to use existing networks to get feedback on your product and find ways to fix or upgrade your existing product,” he said.

“A founder of a start-up must be a creative individual and enjoy creating stuff or solutions. They must be able to learn and enjoy the process of solving problems,” added Soo.

Director of Digital Export Division Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Balasurbramaniam explained that start-ups usually have no structure in place but is very agile and can pivot to contribute to the economy by solving problems.

The director said most start-ups in Malaysia fail to see that their market is not only in Malaysia but there is a USD659 million market in ASEAN.

The panellists during the conference. PHOTO: ADIB NOOR