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Staff on better footing on fire safety

James Kon

Fifteen staff of The Abode Resort participated in a three-day fire marshal course from June 28.

The course was facilitated by the Public Relations Division of Operation ‘G’ Branch.

The participants learnt the importance of fire safety such as the causes of fire, understanding the action needed in the event of a breakout, with a systematic evacuation exercise, as well as learning the correct way of using a fire extinguisher and fire blanket and what to do when trapped in a building during a fire.

The evacuation exercise was conducted at the resort with the assistance of firefighters from Bangar Fire Station led by station commander SO Jamaluddin bin Ahmad.

The course concluded with a certificate presentation by commanding officer of Operation ‘G’ Brancg SSFR Haji Afiq bin Haji Julah.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show staff during the course; and the evacuation exercise. PHOTOS: FRD