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Spreading ASEAN-ness among students

Azlan Othman

The Information Department, through the International Affairs Unit, as the Secretariat of the ASEAN-COCI Sub-Committee Information (SCI), held a ‘Get to Know ASEAN’ roadshow at Chung Ching Middle School in Seria yesterday.

Some 180 students from Year 7, 8 and 9 attended the briefing delivered by Head of the International Affairs Unit Mufidah binti Abdul Hakim.

Principal Sim Jeng Siang, senior teachers and other teaching staff were also in attendance.

The programme is an ongoing effort of the department to raise the spirit of patriotism and unity (ASEAN-ness) among the students by encouraging them to appreciate the function and purpose of ASEAN while instilling awareness among students as part of the ASEAN community.

An ASEAN quiz was also held.

The department has released a ‘We ASEAN’ mobile application which contains information on ASEAN, its member states, its calendar, quizzes, photos and videos.

Head of the International Affairs Unit Mufidah binti Abdul Hakim in a group photo with students. PHOTO: AZLAN OTHMAN