Monday, June 24, 2024
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Sports associations need to be more transparent

Lately, quite a number of local athletes have made a splash on the regional stage, such as martial arts and athletics. These achievements are testament that there are sporting talents in our country.

However, funding remains an issue when it comes to identifying and developing these budding athletes. Often, especially when it comes to giving younger athletes the much-needed overseas exposure, parents have to foot the travel expenses and accommodation. One sport scheme even gathers contribution from parents on a regular basis, just to keep the programme afloat.

My question is: are these sports development schemes properly funded? If so, is the money going to training athletes for competitions?

To avoid the repeat of the football debacle recently, it is high time for the authorities to consider demanding all sports associations to publicise their expenses as well as the minutes from their meetings. Like a friend said recently, sports associations are there to support the athletes and promote these sports, and as such, they need to make sure those with the talent are receiving the training they need to reach their full potential.

Local Sports Fan