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Spinning to the top

Izah Azahari

First released in the late 1990s in Japan, the spinning-top toy Beyblade originally developed by Takara Tomy garnered a large fan base around the world in the early 2000s, with Beyblade enthusiasts spanning from all ages and walks of life.

A manga series of the same name was also released to accompany the toy line in the same year. Toy companies worldwide have since licensed Beyblade toys for their own regions including Hasbro in Western countries, Sonokong in South Korea, and Takara Tomy for Eastern countries.

Beyblade groups in Brunei are still actively conducting competitions, and among them is DBos Beys Brunei Darussalam, founded by Haji Rosaimi bin Haji Lamit.

“DBos Beys Brunei Darussalam was first established in 2020 as one of the Beyblade organisers in the country before the first wave of COVID-19,” said Haji Rosaimi. He noted that since its establishment, DBos Beys Brunei Darussalam has created various match formats, where the most challenging one was when the second COVID-19 wave hit the country in August 2021.

As part of efforts to keeping the game alive in the country, Haji Rosaimi had to get creative in terms of the methods of organising game matches.

Beyblade enthusiasts

“This was the first time I organised an online Beyblade match via Zoom with a different format from regular game matches,” he added.

He said prior to the pandemic, there used to be seven to eight teams with some 2,000 members, but the number of teams has since reduced to five – Ghostbeys, Beyblade Community Brunei, Underground Beys, Jakusha Bladers and Santai Aja Bladers.

Haji Rosaimi explained Beyblade is a modern spinning top game requiring players to go against each other in a special stadium provided by organisers – a shallow plastic tub that may have other features depending on the purpose of the particular stadium.

The three main types of Beyblades each have their own effectiveness such as attack, defence, stamina or endurance and balance. The Beyblade Launcher is used to launch it
into battle.

“Among the main aims of playing Beyblade is that the game can strengthen bonds and camaraderie between siblings, children, parents and family members, while also giving an opportunity for people to get acquainted with other Beyblade enthusiasts,” he added.

Even with the reduction in the number of teams in the country, Haji Rosaimi feels the reception towards Beyblade is good and is grateful for the support, especially from Blade On Brunei to other teams across the country. The game will continue using various methods to give enthusiasts the opportunity to continue enjoying the game, either on their own, with family or the community as a whole,” said Haji Rosaimi.