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Special remote controlled cars released to mark V-Power promo

James Kon

The BMW M Motorsports collection, available as a remote controlled version with six diecast models, will be released every Monday, Brunei Shell Marketing Company Sdn Bhd (BSM) Customer Excellence Implementer Waliyuddini Zaini said during a press conference at its office in PGGMB building yesterday.

“The vehicles can be controlled by downloading the Shell Racing app from Apple Store or Google PlayStore and connect to the bluetooth remote battery to start playing. Players can also get a sound of the engine of each model through the mobile application,” he added.

The public will be able to get the collection at all Shell V-Power Stations in the Sultanate.

The release of the BMW M Motorsports Collection is part of BSM Shell V-Power promotion launched on September 19.

For every two weeks, a new model will be available for the public. From September 19, BMW M4 GT3; followed by BMD Z4 GT3, available from September 26; BMW M5 Safety Car from October 10; BMW M1 from October 24; BMW M3 from November 7; and BMW 3.0 CSL from November 21.

To obtain each model, Waliyuddini said, “For every BND5 purchase of Shell V-power gasoline or Shell V-Power diesel, customers are entitled to one sticker. To purchase the motorsports collection, customers need to collect four stickers and pay BND9.90 for every vehicle, while the price for one bluetooth remote control battery is BND9.90.”

On the advantage of using Shell V-Power, he said, “Shell V-Power is the highest quality of fuel produced by Shell. As a performance enhancing and efficient fuel, it targets a key enemy of engine, dirt deposits. It is formulated with a friction reducing ingredient, designed to help key engine components to turn more freely and helping to reduce wasted energy. There are 16 petrol stations selling Shell V-Power in Brunei-Muara, Tutong and Belait districts.

“Our advanced Shell V-Power is introduced to meet the highest fuel quality standards and produced with stringent quality control, meeting modern high-performance engine requirement. BMW M recommends Shell V-Power in a unique relationship built on a shared passion for performance.”

Brunei Shell Marketing Company Sdn Bhd Customer Excellence Implementer Waliyuddini Zaini speaks at the press conference. PHOTO: JAMES KON