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Spaying pets should be mandatory

I would like to respond to a letter, ‘Call for solution to stray animal issue’, published in the Opinion page on June 17.

I agree with the writer, Animal Lover, regarding the issue of stray animals in the country. In Kota Batu where I live, there is a stray female dog that gives birth at least three times a year. As she grew up as a stray in my neighbourhood, it is the only place she can call home.

Unfortunately, the growing stray dog population has been causing problems, especially when it comes to hygiene. They would go through rubbish bins for food, resulting in the whole driveway being covered in trash.

It is even worse during the mating season. There would be an uptick in the number of strays, and dog fight would become a nightly affair.

Not only do these fights disrupt sleep, we would find blood in the car park as well as scratches on our cars the next morning.


Last month, I reached out to a non-profit organisation specialising in rehoming stray animals.

I asked the founder if he could do something about the seven newborn stray puppies, to which he said he would have to charge BND200 per dog.

I was shocked by the high fee. While I understand that taking on stray is a costly operation, I cannot imagine anyone being able to fork out that amount for one animal, let alone the whole entire family of them.

What the founder ought to do is to hold charity drives to raise funds for his shelter. Common folk should not be made to bear the expenses individually.

More importantly, I believe that the authorities need to step in and enforce the rule that all pet owners must spay or neuter their pets. After all, these stray animals didn’t come from nowhere; they were once someone’s pets.

Concerned About Strays