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Son burns down mother’s house over money dispute in Sulawesi

JAKARTA (Bernama) – A young man has been arrested on suspicion of burning down his mother’s house in the Mamuju region of West Sulawesi following a dispute over his father’s pension money.

The house, owned by Rahmatia, located near the famous resort area of Lombang-lombang Beach, was set on fire by her son, Irfandi, 30, around 9am.

Chief of Kalukku Police Station Inspector Makmur in a statement confirmed the arrest of the suspect, also known as Ippang, and that the scene of the incident had been cordoned off with police tape to facilitate investigation.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the tension between mother and son originated after he discovered his mother had withdrawn his father’s pension money without informing him.

Ippang being reprimanded. PHOTO: BERNAMA