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Sky is the limit

Rokiah Mahmud

Gifted Aleaa Nur Insyirah binti Dr Haji Alias repeatedly echoed her happiness of making her parents proud. Why shouldn’t she? At the tender age of 23, she completed her Master’s degree in education.

A Malaysian national, who was born and raised in the Sultanate, Aleaa received her formal education at Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah (YSHHB) School. Being a bright student, she was offered the opportunity to sit for Brunei General Certificate of Education (BGCE) ‘O’ Level at 14.

At 15, Aleaa applied to do a diploma in education at the Management and Science University (MSU) in Malaysia. Being the youngest student, Aleaa did not waste time looking for opportunities to prove to the community and herself that she was capable and deserving of her place at MSU.

The daughter of Dr Haji Alias Embong and Hajah Roskhalilah binti Khalid, Aleaa shared that her parents, who are running a business in Brunei, are her backbone.

Hajah Roskhalilah said what makes her proud is that her daughter received the prestigious President Award, which marked another milestone to Aleaa’s portfolio of excellence. With the award, Aleaa had an opportunity to pursue her study at the doctorate level.

According to Aleea, the President Award was truly a surprise, but definitely very precious, one that she will forever cherish.

She said the award serves as a motivator to keep moving forward and attain more success.

Aleaa Nur Insyirah binti Dr Haji Alias with her parents during her graduation ceremony. PHOTO: HAJAH ROSKHALILAH NOR

“It was an honour to receive the Chancellor’s Gold Medal and the President Award during the MSU 26th and 20th Convocation Ceremony in February 2020,” she said.

She added that, during her year at MSU, she gained transformative experience.

The journey she said, was tough, with the struggles and obstacles she experienced, particularly in pursuing studies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The situation forced us to be more flexible to the new normal,” she said. “Before this, we were focussed on face-to-face learning. However, our university campus had to shut for quite a long period of time. Therefore we needed to adjust ourselves to online learning.

She added, “Some of us were infected with COVID, while some others lost their loved ones and close friends. It eventually caused drastic changes which led to stress overload, which affected our mental health.”

Aleaa shared that, “Despite facing such unprecedented challenges, the strong support from MSU and our families drove us to completing our academic journey.”

At MSU, Aleaa participated in programmes – both on and off campus – all of which provided her with meaningful experiences and helped her to develop her potential and boost her self-confidence.

Currently, she is a lecturer at the School of Education and Social Sciences of MSU.

Aleaa said many asked why she decided to pursue a career at the Malaysian university, to which she said she adores what MSU has instilled and believes in the values that it aspires to.

“MSU brought me to where I am today, and it is in my best interest to learn from the people who have taught, guided and inspired me – to be a great educator, as how they all were to me.” Aleaa added that she always strives to be the best.

She also advised it is important to treat oneself, as it does a lot for easing stress and tension, given her belief in the importance of stduy-life balance.

She noted that it is important to treat yourself once in a while, as it does a lot for easing stress and tension. She also added that it is important to balance between studies and daily activities.