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Singing a message of self-love

Adib Noor

While there are challenges when it comes to pursuing a passion for music, there are also opportunities if one allows themselves to take the chance, and with enough passion, self-love and determination, there will always be a beacon of hope. Such was the case for up-and-coming local artiste Rofini Zainal.

The R&B and soul inspired singer shared an update on her latest single, while also reflecting on her journey so far.

After her love of singing was showcased at a reality singing competition in Brunei last year, Rofini continued forward in her musical endeavour with the release of her first single and future work with producers from Indonesia.

Looking back, the singer said, “Growing up among musicians, I learnt to play the piano when I was seven. Music provided me a safe space and escape from pressure.”

Her love for singing, however, came later when she was asked to perform for her university in the United Kingdom. After her performance, she realised that singing was her passion and something she could build a career on.

A scene from Rofini Zainal’s ‘Masih Ada’ music video

Upon coming back to Brunei, she did not know where to start or how to pursue her passion, and it was eventually swept under the rug.

However, it was in 2022 when an opportunity beckoned in the form of local reality singing competition Bintang Search. Rofini took the chance to chase her dream and ended up as a finalist. From there, she would go on to write her first single Kupilih Diriku.

Her ongoing musical journey has been full of twists and turns, and she has come face to face with multiple rejections, professionally and personally. However, time and time again, the pursuit of embracing her passion gave her the will and motivation to carry on, and helped her learn to love herself above all.

Through her music, “I hope to inspire and motivate by spreading positivity, especially in matters of self-belief, self-love and strong affirmative messages,” she said.

As an artiste, Rofini is influenced by R&B and soul. However, from working on her own music, she is finding her voice in other musical forms such as ballads and pop. Her songs are both meaningful and contemporary.

The young artiste’s music has led her to work with others from outside the Sultanate. Her latest single Masih Ada was written and produced in Jakarta, Indonesia by producer Dennis Nussy, whom Rofini first came into contact with through the mastering of her first single.

“At its core, it is a love song. However, it is one unlike any other,” said Rofini. “The song is a reminder that love does not always come in the form of a significant other. At your lowest point, or even during your greatest wins, look around to see who the constants in your life are, be it grandparents, parents or even friends.”

In terms of current and future plans, the singer shared that she has been spending her time writing music to motivate and encourage the people to love themselves and always make themselves priority.

“It is this determination that pushes me to keep making music, and to inspire other aspiring artistes to chase their dreams.”

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