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Sin in slander: Imams warn keyboard warriors

Azlan Othman

Religious authorities warned the public especially keyboard warriors, to make good use of social media and not to misuse it to spread slander, shame and the likes. Committing acts of sin should not be taken lightly and Muslims should not view it as inconsequential.

The Imams in the Friday sermon said people should always practise Tabayyun or to verify any news before spreading because it is feared that the information shared could be false and untrue, to take care of speech properly and mind one’s words well and to maintain social media boundaries.

The use of social media, the most popular channel to share information and knowledge at the fingertips, is rapidly growing. There are many challenges in the development of communication technology. If used with the right intention, it will bring goodness and benefits but if misused, it will lead to futility and loss, they said.

The Imams added, Islam attaches great importance to Ukhuwah (brotherhood) and Mahabbah (feeling of caring) that is always by taking care of oneself from hurting others in terms of words or behaviour.

“Allah the Almighty has created the tongue and the hands to be used to worship Him and also to be used to bring goodness to man and to all creatures.”

The Imams urged Muslims to always be aware from committing sins, evil and vice, and never to use the fingers and hands to hurt others. Always remember that we will be held accountable in the hereafter for every deed done in this world,” they said.

The Imams also called on the Ummah to always self-reflect and be vigilant in every action so that it will not be easy to commit sins with your fingers, especially on social media.