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Sheep farm welcomes two sets of sextuplets in one week

UPI – The owners of a British Columbia, Canada, farm said they were shocked when two ewes at the facility gave birth to sextuplets within just a few days.

Lorraine and John Buchanan, owners of Parry Bay Sheep Farm in Metchosin, on Vancouver Island, said their sheep typically give birth to two-four lambs at one time, so they were surprised on Friday when one of their flock delivered what they initially thought were quintuplets.

“We thought, ‘Oh, she’s having quints, that’s pretty good,'” Lorraine Buchanan told CBC News. “We went out to the fields to check our other sheep and came back and she had a sixth one. We were surprised.”

The couple said they were even more surprised three days later, when a second ewe gave birth to six lambs. “To have them close together in a week, we’re kind of shocked,” Buchanan told CHEK News.