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Several injured in train, bus collision in southern Germany

BERLIN (AP) – A train collided with a bus and derailed at a railroad crossing in southern Germany yesterday, police said. Several people were injured, some of them severely.

The train struck the bus, which was carrying no passengers, at Blaustein, near the city of Ulm, German news agency dpa reported.

The bus driver was thrown from the vehicle and severely injured. The driver and two passengers on the train were also seriously injured and several other passengers were slightly injured.

Police said 74 passengers were on the train. They were taken to a nearby barn after the crash were they received psychological treatment.

The bus caught fire and was left entirely burned out. The railroad line as well as a nearby highway were closed.

Police said that there had initially been a motorcycle crash nearby, and emergency services and a rescue helicopter were on the scene. Traffic was backed up as a result.

The bus was stopped on the tracks when the gates were lowered, they said.