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Secret to success

James Kon

“I am proud of myself and my efforts, I hope I can continue to do well and achieve good results going forward in the future,” said Andrea Tiong Jia Yin, who obtained A* in Business, A* in Mathematics and A in Accounting in GCE ‘A’ Level.

She was one of 33 students who received recognition for achieving excellent academic result in 2021 at the Student Merit Award presentation ceremony for members of Chinese Chamber of Commerce Bandar Seri Begawan held at Mahligai Hall at The Airport Mall yesterday.

Her secret for success is proper time management with a schedule, studying hard and starting early with constant revision rather than procrastinate. She also made notes when necessary and reviewed them regularly while also asking the lecturers and teachers or using online resources to look up on topics that she did not fully understand.

“Hard work and perseverance pay off in achieving best results.”

Meanwhile, Luke Lau received Merit Awards on behalf of his three children, Moses Lau, Joyce Lau and Macelina Lau. His children are in Miri and were not able to attend the ceremony.

Luke said, “As a single parent, I’m happy and proud that my kids are doing well in their studies. They are hardworking and they had passed all examinations. Two have completed college and university while Moses Lau is still studying at the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation. My fourth child goes to the same university, while my fifth child is in Year 7.”

ABOVE & BELOW: Pehin Kapitan Lela Diraja Dato Paduka Goh King Chin presents the Merit Award to Luke Lau; and Dato Tiong Ing Ping hands over a Merit Award to Andrea Tiong Jia Yin. PHOTOS: JAMES KON