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Unlock the power of play and speech development with Ms Rachel

As a child, my world was painted in vibrant hues of imagination and learning, shaped by the whimsical antics of cookie-eating monsters and wise-cracking frogs on Sesame Street.

Yet, while I revelled in the laughter and lessons of these beloved characters, my siblings found their own colourful companions in talking, singing dinosaurs who championed the values of love and acceptance.

These shared moments, infused with joy and wonder watching shows on a boxy television screen, became the foundation of our childhood memories, shaping the way we perceive the world around us.

Fast-forward to the present day, and I find myself observing my own daughter’s upbringing in an era where entertainment is readily available at the touch of a button, anytime and anywhere.

As a new parent, this reality worries me deeply. In a world where screens dominate our surroundings, I can’t help but fear the impact it may have on my baby girl, whose precious moments are spent either gazing at or subliminally absorbing content during her limited screen time.

In curating my daughter’s screen time experience, I prioritise only the finest and most engaging shows for her viewing pleasure. At the forefront of this list stands the delightful Ms Rachel!

This unexpected sensation from YouTube and TikTok has swiftly captured the hearts of young audiences, emerging as a beloved figure or “show” for children under the age of four.



Rachel Griffin Accurso, fondly known as Ms Rachel, has made a significant impact in the digital landscape with her tailor-made educational content for children.

Since launching her YouTube channel in 2019, she has witnessed a meteoric rise, attracting nearly four million subscribers and accumulating over two billion views.

What captivated me about Ms Rachel isn’t just her widespread popularity, but the genuine purpose driving her content. Confronted with the challenge of finding suitable programming for her own two-year-old with speech delays, she embarked on a personal mission.

Ms Rachel dedicated herself to crafting interactive and captivating videos designed to foster speech development in infants and toddlers, characterised by a gentle, easy-to-follow delivery

Each episode is meticulously constructed to prioritise clear enunciation and pronunciation, complemented by gestures and simplified sign language to enhance understanding. As a parent, I’ve found myself not only entertained but also enriched by her innovative approach. It’s truly remarkable how, after just a few viewings, children begin to emulate her cues, demonstrating more confidence in their communication skills.

However, Ms Rachel’s show isn’t solely focused on education – it’s equally about enjoyment! Singalongs and playful activities are integral aspects of her content, ensuring that viewers are not only learning but also having a blast.

Get ready to groove along to infectious tunes like Sticky Icky Bubble Gum as you dive into the vibrant world that Ms Rachel has so joyously cultivated.

Trust me, you’ll be hooked in no time, eagerly joining in on the fun-filled adventures she offers.

The delightful Ms Rachel who surfaced as an unexpected sensation from YouTube and TikTok has swiftly captured the hearts of young audiences. PHOTO: YOUTUBE


What sets Ms Rachel apart from other shows is her unique approach to engaging with her audience. By posing questions directly to viewers, she creates an interactive experience reminiscent of a real-life teacher addressing her students.

Her simple, low-production-value videos exude authenticity and warmth, resonating with audiences of all backgrounds.

With her infectious smile and welcoming demeanour, Ms Rachel fosters a sense of security and comfort for viewers of all ages. Additionally, her video titles, such as First Sentences for Toddlers and Baby Sign Language, effectively target the right audience, ensuring that parents and caregivers find exactly what they need.

Delving deeper into Ms Rachel’s background reveals her impressive qualifications: she holds a Master’s degree in music education from NYU and is on the verge of completing her second master’s in early childhood education.


Notably, she also works as a preschool teacher in real life, bringing invaluable experience and expertise to her online platform.

The impact of Ms Rachel’s content extends beyond mere entertainment. I’ve personally witnessed its transformative effect, as my niece, inspired by Ms Rachel’s videos, began communicating with her parents through signs and simple words like “more” and “sleep.” Moreover, a friend of mine even recommends Ms Rachel’s episodes to his students struggling with English language acquisition, finding that they serve as a gentle introduction to the language.

So, the next time you’re searching for something to watch with your child, give Ms Rachel a try. But be warned: her captivating content might just become the only thing they want to watch during screen time. – Adib Noor