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School launches anti-bullying campaign

Daniel Lim

An anti-bullying talk was held for Year 7 students at Anthony Abell College yesterday.

The talk, organised by the school’s counselling unit, Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) and in collaboration with the school’s peer guidance council, was attended by 96 students from Year 7.

Chairman of the school’s PTA Suhaini bin Haji Othman in his speech highlighted the importance of fostering an environment that is free from bullying.

“Bullying is a social sickness that exists not only within the nation but also across the world,” he added.

He said bullying can lead to dire consequences not only for those involved but also to close friends and families.

He hoped the participating students would take the opportunity to learn the signs of bullying and how to counteract it.

The talk also marked the start of the school’s anti-bullying campaign, which included the launch of the ‘Stop Bullying’ banner as well as several upcoming competitions focussed on the theme ‘Anti-Bully’.

Teacher Lenny said, the talk was aimed at Year 7 students as they represent the grassroots of the school, and that more talks will continue to ensure that all students of the school are aware of the anti-bully mentality.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show a talk delivered by the school’s counsellor

PTA Chairman of Anthony Abell College Suhaini bin Haji Othman addresses Year 7 students. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM