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SBK veterans call on youth to step up volunteerism

“We had our volunteering time in the past and it is time for the younger ones to step up. We will still do our part in volunteering services when we can,” said former National Youth Volunteers (SBK) member from the Temburong District Isa bin Haji Mohd Yusof.

The National Youth Volunteers (SBK) was formed in 1994 with members comprising youth from all the four districts active in volunteering and community services.

As the members found jobs, it gradually became difficult for them to continue volunteering actively.

More than 10 years since they last worked together in volunteering activities and community services, Md Nasir bin Pungut, the retired senior officer who had set up SBK, took the initiative to gather former members recently.

To mark the reunion, a religious ceremony was held at Md Nasir’s residence in Kampong Kiarong on Friday, including a Tahlil for former Youth and Sports officers and SBK members who have passed away.

ABOVE & BELOW: Former National Youth Volunteers member Isa bin Haji Mohd Yusof; and Haji Mohd Eddie bin Haji Zaman speak to the Bulletin; and the Tahlil in progress. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD

The Bulletin spoke to several members at the ceremony about their time in SBK.

Isa said before the establishment of SBK, youth associations in the Temburong District joined together and set up the Temburong Youth Centre in 1993. The following year, its members joined SBK.

Noni Salini binti Haji Harris joined SBK in 1997 and was actively engaged in youth community activities until she began her career in the military.

Although she left the group, she was happy to reunite with her fellow SBK members as she is set to complete her 25 years’ service with the armed forces soon.

She thanked Md Nasir who was a senior officer at the Youth Centre in the capital when he set up SBK, for reuniting 71 former members.

She added, “To the youth active in volunteering work, please continue to do so. Our country needs young people to give a hand during disasters and so forth. For those who still have not engaged in volunteering activities, it’s time for you to do so and contribute to the nation.”

Haji Mohd Eddie bin Haji Zaman was a member of SBK Brunei-Muara in the 90s. Before joining, he was a member of the Kampong Lumapas Youth Group and engaged in numerous volunteering and community activities.

“Unfortunately when the country was hit by COVID-19, I was unable to volunteer due to work commitments,” he said.

“However, with this reunion, I am looking forward to being active whenever I am not working.”

He also called on the younger generation of volunteers to keep up their activities as the country needs them.

SBK was an initiative by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports through the Department of Youth and Sports to increase and test the physical endurance as well as improving mental health among youth in the country. – Lyna Mohamad