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Samsung’s Fit3 smart band launch

SEOUL (ANN/THE KOREA HERALD) – Samsung Electronics announced on Thursday its upcoming global launch of a new fitness band, marking over three years since the debut of its predecessor in October 2020.

Dubbed the Galaxy Fit3, the device boasts an aluminium body and a 1.6-inch display, representing a 45 percent increase in width compared to its forerunner, the Galaxy Fit2. This enhancement aims to facilitate easier access to detailed health data for users.

Equipped with health monitoring capabilities spanning more than 100 exercise types, sleep tracking, and stress level monitoring, the Galaxy Fit3 introduces notable additions such as fall detection and an emergency service feature.

Among its functionalities, users can swiftly initiate an emergency call to a pre-set contact for immediate assistance. Furthermore, by pressing the side button five times consecutively, an SOS message alerting others of an urgent situation can be dispatched.

It also has enhanced connectivity with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphones. The Galaxy Fit3’s camera remote control function allows users to take photos directly from their wrist-connected phone. The media control functions also manage media playback on the paired smartphones.

When users want to get ready for bed or not be disturbed, they can automatically sync modes between their wearable device and smartphone. If a smartphone is misplaced, users can easily locate it with the Find My Phone feature on the Galaxy Fit3 as well.

It also includes a battery that can last up to 13 days on a single charge.


The Galaxy Fit3 will be available from Friday in some countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America. However, the official release date for the domestic market has not yet been announced.

Colour options for the latest wearable device are grey, silver and pink gold.

While the company said it would unveil the price with the official launch, industry sources predict that it would cost around KRW100,000 won (USD75.20), which doubles the price compared with the previous device.

The Galaxy Fit lineup is a fitness band optimised for measuring exercise and activity, and is a wearable product designed to manage users’ health. It offers similar features to the tech giant’s Galaxy Watch series but is less than half the price.

Market watchers initially predicted that Samsung would discontinue the Galaxy Fit lineup due to the issue of profitability, but as the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the growth of the healthcare market, Samsung has boosted its burgeoning health solutions business on its smartwatches from last year and launched the new fitness band.