Friday, April 12, 2024
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Brunei Town

Roadshow on dispute resolution reaches Tutong, Temburong

Brunei Darussalam Arbitration Centre (BDAC) continues its alternative dispute resolution (ADR) awareness roadshow in the Temburong District on June 14.

The objective was to educate and promote the benefits of ADR, focussing on mediation and arbitration while highlighting BDAC as the suitable centre for resolving disputes.

The previous day, a similar event was held at the Tutong District Office. At the roadshow, attendees were provided with comprehensive insights into ADR mechanisms, particularly mediation and arbitration, and how these methods can facilitate swift, cost-effective, and mutually agreeable resolutions for various types of conflicts.

A question and answer session was also held to provide an opportunity for attendees to engage with BDAC’s representatives, seeking further clarity on ADR concepts, processes, and the role of BDAC in facilitating dispute resolution. This interactive session allowed for a greater understanding of ADR and its practical application.

Following the successful launch in Brunei-Muara District, Tutong and Temburong districts, BDAC aims to extend its ADR awareness roadshow to all districts, reaching a broader audience and promoting the adoption of peaceful and effective conflict resolution strategies.

ABOVE & BELOW: The roadshow in session; and Brunei Darussalam Arbitration Centre officials during the roadshow. PHOTOS: BDAC