Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Brunei Town

Results for VRN for BBE series through tender out today

The results of the vehicle registration number (VRN) for three- and four-digit BBE series through Click-and-Bid will be announced through the Land Transport Department (JPD) website at and today, said the JPD in a statement

Tenderers who participated in the VRN closed tender will receive the results of their bid through their registered e-mails.

Successful tenderers must comply with the terms and conditions of vehicle registration: successful tenderers are required to pay the full amount at tendered and register the VRN under the tenderer’s name no later than one month from the date the issuance of the award letter. If the tenderer fails to make the full payment within one month from the date of award letter, the bid on the VRN under the tenderer shall be revoked; application for the extension of vehicle’s registration period may be submitted after full payment of the VRN has been made within one month from the date of award letter; after the payment of successful tender has been made, if the applicant has not registered VRN but intends to keep VRN, the fee for the extension of vehicle’s registration period (holding fee) is BND20 for one year. The minimum period for holding is one year and the maximum is 10 years according to the period chosen for each VRN; payment of successful tender VRN and holding VRN, both can be paid via online or JPD counters; for those who would like to transfer their VRN, the requirements are a payment of BND5 service fee will be charged, VRNs are only allowed to be transferred 12 months after the date of the award letter, and VRNs may be transferred less than 12 months from the date of the award letter provided that the VRN has been used (registered) under the name of the VRN’s owner; and tenderers who fail to pay the full amount as tendered for the VRN will be blacklisted from participating in the closed tender of VRN for one year and the VRN shall be retendered.