Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Redefining local e-commerce industry

WAWA Shopping will launch its e-commerce platform to redefine and modernise the e-commerce industry in the Sultante.

The event will be on March 20 at WAWA Shopping’s office where offers and discounts will be given out to the public to redeem at

There will also be a tutorial on how to navigate through the website. A list of attractions included in the website will also be explained during the event.

“With the launch of the website, we hope this will help to reshape the e-commerce industry in Brunei. Most often Bruneians would do online shopping from other countries’ e-commerce platform due to convenience and price.

“We hope to change that and encourage the public to support local vendors registered under our website, in which they can offer competitive prices compared to other big e-commerce platforms. We hope that we can help local vendors to connect with customers by providing a proper and convenient platform,” WAWA Shopping Director Faiz Shadiqin said.