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Recognition for Brunei’s ‘Leading Lights’

Universiti Brunei Darussalam’s Senior Assistant Professor Dr Khadizah binti Haji Abdul Mumin and Tebalik Plastik Co-Founder Syahmi Zulfadhli bin Abdullah were selected as Asia-Pacific’s ‘Leading Lights’.

The recognition was for their contributions to business, economy and the society. The campaign showcases 50 leaders building a new status quo, impacting others through kindness.

A ceremony was held at the British High Commission in Singapore’s Eden Hall to celebrate the 50 ‘Leading Lights’. British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam John Virgoe was also present.

Dr Khadizah is the first PhD holder in nursing and midwifery, a role model for many nurses, midwives and healthcare professionals in the Sultanate.

She said, “This accomplishment is not mine alone; it resonates as a collective triumph for all nurses and midwives, and healthcare professionals in Brunei, a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and advancement in healthcare education. Together, we elevate the standards and impact of our noble profession.”

Syahmi Zulfadhli co-founded a start-up for plastic recycling and has been involved various non-governmental organisations in addressing issues such as environment, mental health and youth employability issues. He said kindness is vital in leadership. “I believe it boosts team moral and well-being, allowing the team to effectively communicate with each other. When this happen, I believe it allows the space for effective problem solving or conflict resolution.” – James Kon

Dr Khadizah binti Haji Abdul Mumin and Syahmi Zulfadhli bin Abdullah. PHOTO: DR KHADIZAH
Dr Khadizah and Syahmi Zulfadhli with British High Commissioner to Brunei Darussalam John Virgoe. PHOTO: DR KHADIZAH