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Ramadhan best time for self-improvement, being pious

Azlan Othman

The holy month of Ramadhan is the best time for self-improvement and to draw closer to Allah the Almighty, Imams said in yesterday’s Friday sermon, adding that it is a great loss to only fast during the day without performing other pious activities.

They said, “We should make full use of the holy month and improve ourselves and our families.

“Ramadhan is a month full of blessings. It is a month to multiply pious acts while also seeking forgiveness from Allah the Almighty. Those who take the opportunity will reap rewards while those who waste it will suffer losses.

“Among the recommended practices are giving alms, providing food for people to break fast and performing nightly Sunnat Tarawih prayers to enliven Ramadhan.”

Muslims are also urged to intensify Al-Quran recitations by holding Tedarus and take sahur (pre-dawn meal) as it is Sunnat.

“We pray that our fasting will be accepted by Allah the Almighty. Those who enliven the nights in Ramadhan for faith and to receive blessings from Allah the Almighty, their past sins will be forgiven,” they said.