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Pupils shine in English Month challenges

James Kon

English Month is a month to celebrate the beauty of the language. With this in mind, Chung Ching Middle School chose August as the month where students engage in activities and competitions associated to the English language.

Twelve Kindergarten (KG) 1 students signed up for the nursery rhyme competition, requiring them to memorise well-known nursery rhymes and recite the lyrics.

KG1 Blue student Maesen was crowned victor with her Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star presentation, followed by KG1 Yellow student Jayden Phan and KG1 Red student Haura.

For KG2, nine students were selected for the short story telling competition. The top three winners were Zafina from KG2 Yellow, Nathan from KG2 Blue and Louis from KG2 Orange.

In the final week of August, KG3 students battled it out in the English Elocution Contest and Spelling Bee Competition.

Giselle from KG3 Blue ranked in first place in the Spelling Bee Competition, followed by Haiqal from KG3 Green and Raqeeb from KG3 Red.

Meanwhile, the English Elocution Contest unearthed the top six speakers: Cheryl from KG3 Green, followed by Wa’el from KG3 Green, Karman from KG3 Blue, Murphy from KG3 Green, Hanim from KG3 Red and Ezamy from KG 3 Blue.

ABOVE & BELOW: KG1 Nursery Rhyme participants with the teacher; and participants of the KG3 Elocution contest. PHOTOS: JAMES KON