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PSV bans football hooligan for 40 years

EINDHOVEN, NETHERLANDS (AP) – A football hooligan serving two months in prison for running onto the field at PSV Eindhoven’s stadium and attacking a player during a Europa League match has also been handed a 40-year ban by the Dutch club.

The 20-year-old man will not be allowed inside the Philips Stadium, PSV said in a statement.

Prosecutors said the man had two previous convictions for football-related offences and was inebriated when he ran onto the field late in the match between PSV and Sevilla on February 23 and punched Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic.

Dmitrovic was not injured and wrestled the hooligan to the ground before stewards marched him off the field.

The Dutch football federation had imposed a stadium ban on the hooligan but he managed to get in using a ticket bought by a friend.

The man has since been given him what PSV called a two-year “area ban” around the stadium.

Series of images shows a PSV supporter punching Sevilla’s goalkeeper Marko Dmitrovic. PHOTO: AP