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Premier Motor introduces new Wuling logo

Lyna Mohamad

In line with the introduction of the global silver logo by SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) in 2020, Premier Motor Sdn Bhd, the sole importer and distributor for Wuling Motors in Brunei Darussalam, announced its new global silver logo yesterday.

Marking Wuling’s new era of global strategy, which will be a gradual process involving a renewed brand image and the introduction of newer portfolios of vehicles for the global market, the new silver logo symbolises a shift from the red logo.

Symbolising the brand’s heritage, which during its 35 years of cumulative existence focussed on commercial vehicles, the new logo represents the path that drives the brand development to the passenger segment, with special focus on youth and international audiences.

Wuling is determined to stay ahead with new innovations and this include electric vehicles (EVs) with the Hongguang Mini EV proves that Wuling is able to meet the markets demand for reliable and affordable EVs.

Hongguang Mini EV has set massive sales record for EV in China with over 600,000 units sold from its introduction in June 2020. The success of the Hongguang Mini EV has prompted Wuling to introduce a new improved EV set on the Global Small Electric Vehicle (GSEV) platform named Air EV.

The Air EV was launched in Indonesia in June 2022 and is expected to be introduced to other parts of Asia later this year where the Air EV comes in two battery pack options of 17.3 kWh and 26.7 kWh, delivering a driving range of about 200 and 300 kilometres.