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Poor delivery service at popular fast food restaurant

I recently ordered from a popular fast food restaurant using its mobile phone app, and was shocked by how poor the service was.

I placed the order at 12.45pm and expected the food to be delivered by 2pm, at the latest.

Instead, it only reached my home after 4pm, and by then, no one in the household would touch the food because it was stone-cold.

Between the time the order was placed and when the food arrived, every call made was met with a rude response, such as “We’re busy” or “The delivery man has a lot of stops to make, you know”.

There was no attempt at apology, neither from the person on the phone or the delivery man.

If a restaurant cares enough for its customers to launch an app, perhaps staff training is in order to ensure that the food is delivered on time and that its staffers are better at customer service.

Unhappy Customer