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Podcast club members learn about broadcasting

Daniel Lim

Seven Podcast Club students and their teacher from International School Brunei (ISB) Seria learnt about radio broadcasting during their visit to the British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS) in Seria last week.

The students met Alice Vickery, one of the local radio presenters at BFBS, who also gave the visitors a short tour of the radio station while briefing them on the role of BFBS as well as her work as a radio presenter.

The students were shown the various programmes run daily at the radio station, as well as being given an opportunity to record their own short shows.

The visit continued with the sharing of stories from both the radio presenter and the students as they posed questions to further improve in their Podcast Club. Speaking to the Bulletin, teacher Carl Russell said there are currently 17 members in the Seven Podcast Club, with age ranging from eight to 11.

“Pupils get to choose what topic they will talk about on their podcast that week, which also include things like a short quiz, jokes, fun facts and other skills to keep the listeners engaged.”

He added that each podcast group starts out choosing the royalty-free music that they want as their podcast theme tune to start and end the show.

“Once they have all the elements needed to record their podcast, they have to use digital media devices to bring all the elements together, add any sound effects, splice segments together and then publish their final podcast to a safe, controlled site,” he said.

Students from International School Brunei (ISB) Seria with radio presenter Alice Vickery at the British Forces Broadcasting Services (BFBS) in the Belait District. The students from the school’s Podcast Club were on a tour of the radio station to learn more about the BFBS
The students create their own short podcast, supervised by British Forces Broadcasting Services presenter Alice Vickery. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM
A student asking questions from Vickery