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Pixels and passion

ANN/THE STATESMAN – In the present day, the realm of photography extends far beyond the domain of professionals, making its way into the hands of everyday individuals.

Embraced by both Gen-Zs and millennials, cutting-edge camera technology is now a tool for fuelling their shared passion for capturing and preserving memories. For those who have a fondness for photography, staying attuned to these trends is essential to guarantee that your images strike a balance between timelessness and contemporary flair.


The fusion of AI with visual photography is revolutionising the photography culture by offering effortless background removal and natural retouching. Especially for on-the-go travel content creators and vloggers with limited editing time, AI is the saviour. Nikon Z9 has a very unique feature called “Auto Capture “. It works with AI and helps the camera to understand subject, motion and distance, enabling the camera to capture images and video automatically.

Highly advanced cameras like the Nikon Z8, features high-performance AI-driven autofocus helping to seize the moments seamlessly.


In filmmaking, videographers are reviving cinematic aesthetics with crystal-clear formats like 4K and 8K. This resolution along with HDR (High Dynamic Range), elevates visuals adding intense colors and remarkable contrast. This resolution along with high frame rate, elevates visuals by bringing that intricate detail to life and adding smooth cinematic slow motion.



While it’s all about photos, when it comes to pre-release capture, its real magic lies in capturing those critical moments that define a scene. A captured image, let you to re-live the moment, time and time, providing a sneak peek into the scene’s vibe.

Likewise, Nikon Z8 preserves ambience by capturing pre- and post-shutter video snippets, adding emotion to shots. This pre-release feature has more to do with capturing those decisive moments.

The Nikon Z8 promises to be a game-changer while capturing those decisive moments, offering wildlife and sports photographers innovative tools to explore new creative horizons, ensures capturing those action shots and ensures every frame is captured and nothing is missed.


If you’re all about those smooth and flawless portraits, then guess what?

The skin-softening feature has got your back with the magic touch giving perfect tones to the pictures designed especially for photographers who do fancy model shoots to make their pics pop and look elegant. The latest Nikon Cameras have AI driven Skin Softening feature which lets photographers capture soft and glowing portraits.

The best part about this feature is that it only affects the skin and doesn’t affect the facial hair etc.

The skin- softening feature greatly reduces turnaround time therefore enabling photographers/content creators to immediately post to their social media without spending too much time on post-production.

Unleash the power of unstoppable shooting with Nikon Z8 and Z9, capturing moments at an astonishing 20 frames per second.

Freeze time and capture every moment with over 1000 RAW images in a single, relentless burst. Paint stories through each shot, ensuring not a single detail escapes your lens.

With the technical trends, the Imaging industry is also witnessing yet another interesting shift.

Gen Z’s, especially women are pursuing photography as a profession and form of artistic expression.

This trend has emerged with increased access to photography equipment, workshops, and educational resources. Their influence spans Metaverse, NFTs, and unique palettes, injecting freshness into the industry.

They redefine photography with their distinct twist and creative vision. Nikon’s unique campaigns like “Through Her Lens,” and “Shutterbug” are initiatives to empower professional and amateur women and student photographers in India.

As technology advanced rapidly in the photography arena, the future potential seems massive. This year promises excitement and dynamism for photographers and the field of photography.