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Performance, comfort and style in one package

James Kon

Porsche Brunei has continued to bring it’s ‘A’ game in high performance sport car with the launch of the latest range of GTS (Gran Turismo Sport) models yesterday.

The three Gran Turismo Sport models are the fully-electric Taycan which is the latest Porsche Model line to do the legendary GTS badge, the Panamera GTS combines the performance of a sport car with comfort and the 911 Targa 4 GTS that features the iconic design and sharper performance.

QAF Eurokars General Manager Lahiru De Silva said, “Our passion for sports is unrivalled, we continue to strive towards offering a highly dynamic range of sports cars for all enthusiasts.

The GTS models are revered at Porsche, the sweet spot possessing both high performance and practical sustainability and instantly recognisable thanks to unique and sporty design characteristics.”

With the introduction of three new GTS models, he said “We mark the exciting beginning of QAF Eurokar’s upcoming 25th anniversary celebrations. Expect to be thrilled, as we continue to provide the best for our Porsche family.”

Since Porsche 904 Carrera GTS of 1963, the three letters of GTS have held special significance for Porsche fans. GTS models combine performance, comfort and style in one package, making them out of the all rounders within their respective model lines.

The signature design elements on the exterior and interior allow GTS models to stand out.

QAF Eurokars General Manager Lahiru de Silva and staff unveil the Porsche Taycan GTS. PHOTO: BAHYIAH BAKIR

The feature that often reveals a GTS model’s identity is the striking shade of Carmine Red, a deliberate choice by the design team at Zuffenhausen to instantly set the GTS badge apart from others.

The main attraction of the three newly unveiled GTS is the Taycan GTS. It comes with an impressive 440 Kw (598PS) of overboost power when using the launch control. From zero to 100km/hr is within 3.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 250km/hr.

The fully-electric Taycan GTS is the first Taycan capable of achieving in excess 500km range in one charge.

In addition, adaptive air suspension including Porsche Active Suspension Managemenr (PASM) is specifically adapted to the Taycan GTS to elevate lateral dynamics.

It has a panoramic roof with sunshine control as an optional extra for Taycan GTS. An electrically activated liquid crystal film can change the roof from clear to matte with the touch of a button, protecting occupants from the sun’s glare while offering the choice of a cozy interior.

Meanwhile, the Panamera GTS is a perfect blend of sportiness, comfort and luxury.

Combining the performance of a sport car and comfort of a luxury saloon, the Panamera GTS comes with a VS biturbo engine that optimised power delivery.

With 353 Kw (480PS) and 620 NM of torque, the new Panamera GTS delivers 15KW (20PS) more power than its predecessors.

The power output continuously increases to close to the engine speed limit. The sound of V8 characteristic are even more prominent than before, thanks to the new standard sports exhaust system featuring asymmetrically positioned rear silencers.

The new 911 Targa 4 GTS is described as iconic, dynamic and powerful. The 911 Targa GTS comes with 353 kW (480PS) and maximum torque of 570 Nm allowing the performance sharper than ever before.

The eight-speed Porsche dual clutch transmission (PDK) or a seven-speed manual, as well as DTS suspension with PASM and the high performance braking system from the 911 Turbo ensure the superior transmission of longitudinal and lateral forces.

The public can take a closer look at the latest Porsche GTS models at the Porsche Brunei showroom located at the Beribi Industrial area.