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Perfecting prayer methods for the ill and weak

Daniel Lim

Some 76 participants attended a workshop on prayer methods for those with ailments organised by the Belait District Mosque Affairs Office in collaboration with the RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque Takmir Committee at the RPN Kampong Pandan Mosque yesterday.

Mosque Affairs Officer Haji Haslan bin Haji Shahbudin conducted the workshop which comprised briefings and practical demonstrations, including how physically weak and bedridden individuals could perform prayers.

Mohd Kamis bin Haji Mohd Napi, a participant, admitted he had misconceptions on how people with ailments conducted prayers.

Stressing that he was glad for participating, Mohd Kamis said he was now more knowledgeable on the proper practices a person with ailments should observe during prayers.

“The correct methods showcased through practical demonstration was very enlightening,” he said.

Mosque Affairs Officer in the Belait District imam Akup bin Haji Lamat handed over certificates of participation.

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show the workshop in progress. PHOTOS: DANIEL LIM

Mosque Affairs Officer Haji Haslan bin Haji Shahbudin demonstrates proper prayer methods for bedridden individuals