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Penny payback

ATLANTA (AP) – The owner of an auto repair shop who paid a former employee with 91,500 oily pennies has been ordered by a judge to pay nearly four million more cents.

A federal judge ruled that Miles Walker, who owns A OK Walker Autoworks in Peachtree City, Georgia, United States (US), owes USD39,934 to nine workers for unpaid overtime and damages.

Attorneys for Walker agreed to the payments to settle a civil lawsuit brought by the US Labor Department that accused Walker of retaliating against former employee Andreas Flaten in 2021.

After Flaten filed a complaint with the agency saying Walker owed him a final USD915 paycheck, the employer dumped that amount in oil-covered pennies in Flaten’s driveway. The mountain of loose change came with a pay stub signed with an expletive.

The Labor Department said further investigation found that Walker’s business had also violated overtime provisions of the federal Fair Standards and Labor Act.

The judge on June 16 signed a consent order in which Walker agreed to pay nearly USD8,700 more to Flaten in owed overtime and damages. Eight other workers are to receive amounts between USD14,640 and USD513 within the next year.