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Pastry brush brand non-halal: Ministry

Fadley Faisal

Pastry brushes under the brand, Food Guru, were discovered to be made of “non-halal material”, said the Syariah Affairs Department yesterday.

The agency said religious authorities sent a sample of the brushes to the Department of Scientific Services for analysis, and laboratory findings confirmed the initial allegations.

Retailers that carried the product line were instructed to halt their sales.

Restaurants and eateries, who have the halal certificate or permit, are also banned from using the product line, and if they had, to immediately perform penyertuan.

Businesses are advised to be vigilant and ensure non-halal items are mixed in with the halal ones, or are being sold to the public without first ascertaining if they are halal in nature.

A pastry brush identified by authorities to be non-halal. PHOTO: MORA