Monday, May 27, 2024
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Brunei Town

Part-timers’ pay in limbo

I would like to extend my appreciation to the authorities for acknowledging public grievances and complaints over the newly-implemented TAFIS 2.0 in their press statement recently.

While I understand that there is a stabilisation period for any new system, I fear that my situation may take longer to address, given that I’m neither a civil servant nor a vendor.

I have been working as a part-time translator at a government agency for a while now.

Payments had been credited to my bank account every month without fail. However, I’m not sure if it had to do with the new system, but shortly after its announcement earlier this year, I have yet been paid. And now that there is officially a stabilisation period, will I see the fruits of my labour at all this year?

I recently spoke with the accounts clerk and I was told that my vouchers are pending approval.

I am considered quite fortunate, as I have another part-time job to fall back on. However, I cannot imagine those part-timers who depend their pay to make ends meet, and I suspect there are quite a fair few of them in the public sector.

I hope the authorities could find a way to process these outstanding vouchers before ironing out the kinks of the new system.