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Over 100 guns stolen from Michigan store

DETROIT (AP) – More than 100 handguns were stolen from a store in southwestern Michigan in the United States (US) after the manager was held at gunpoint outside his home and forced to reveal how to turn off the alarm, authorities said.

All guns except one were recovered and two men were arrested a day after the brazen heist at Dunham’s Sports, US Attorney Mark Totten said.

“Just look at the firepower on this table,” Head of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Michigan Jim Deir told reporters.

“There’s over USD100,000 worth of guns here. … My experience: These were headed to the streets. These were headed for quick sale, quick money,” Deir said. The two men, who are brothers, are accused of targeting a Dunham’s near Benton Harbor, 160.9 kilometres east of Chicago.

A store manager told investigators he was confronted blindfolded and placed in the rear seat of a car, federal agent Mallorie Campbell said in a court filing.

The recovered guns on display. PHOTO: AP