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One-metre python captured in Temburong

James Kon

Firefighters captured a 1.2-metre-long python with a snake catcher in the residential area of STKRJ Kampong Rataie, Temburong District last Friday.

According to the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD), five firefighters from Rataie Fire Station led by ABKS 335 Roslan bin Haji Moksin responded to the incident of a wild animal disturbance at a house in the village around 9.19pm, finding the python behind the kitchen.

After being captured, the snake was released into an area far from human habitat for public safety.

Meanwhile, the FRD urged the public to ensure a clean and tidy home environment; doors and windows shut when not at home to prevent wild animals from entering; and refrain from approaching or threatening wild animals.

The FRD said poultry farms should be kept clean, to keep wild animals at bay.

A firefighter holds the captured snake. PHOTO: FRD