Monday, March 4, 2024
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Brunei Town

Old habits die hard

Without repentance, a local with a long list of burglary records has pleaded guilty yet again to another theft offence, landing him two years’ jail on Tuesday.

Fresh out of a two-year prison sentence, Hasbollah bin Husaini was last convicted in 2021, according to Prosecutor Nurul Husna binti Abidin.

The court, presided by Acting Senior Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati binti Haji Abdul Hamid, heard that the defendant took a stroll from his house in Kampong Mumong at mid day on July 24 heading towards a disposal area nearby.

On his way, he came across a vehicle with its window left open, its door unlocked and the keys in the ignition.

In the back seat, he saw two grass-cutting machines and a blower.


He started the car engine and drove home.

At home, the defendant unloaded the stolen items and placed them under the stairs outside his house.

He called a person offering the blower which was purchased for BND130 when they met at home. The defendant brought the stolen car and drove towards Seria, when it broke down halfway.

He tried to fix it to no avail, leaving it behind and went home on foot. Sometime later, the vehicle owner’s son saw the car by the roadside and called his father.

The police was alerted who then arrested the defendant.

Investigations led to the recovery of the car and the grass-cutting machines. It was also revealed that the defendant had sold the blower, using the money to buy food.

He also told the police that he intended to use the grass-cutting machines. – Fadley Faisal