Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Brunei Town

No escaping law enforcers

Lyna Mohamad

Immigration and National Registration Department (INRD) law enforcement personnel rounded up six foreigners for immigration violations during Operasi Tumpas JIPK 24, targetting a residential construction site on Tuesday.

Three of the foreigners were found to be working for a different employer, while the three others were listed as runaway workers. They were brought to the INRD headquarters for questioning under Chapter 17 of the Immigration Act and Regulations.

The INRD reminded that legal action will be taken on foreigners violating the immigration law. If found guilty, they will be jailed before being deported to their country of origin, and be blacklisted.

Raids are conducted based on public tip-off, sometimes with the assistance of other law enforcement agencies. They are conducted to enforce the Immigration Act and Regulations, Passport Act and Regulations, as well as the Anti-Trafficking Order 2019 and Prevention of Smuggling Order 2019, and to prevent the occurrence of law-breaking activities.

Immigration law enforcement personnel will continue to carry out operations, apprehend and take action against immigration law violators.

To report immigration law violations contact 8753888.

Construction workers at the site. PHOTO: INRD