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NewJeans: New album release amidst dispute

SEOUL (ANN/THE KOREA HERALD) – Girl group NewJeans has unveiled a new single amid the ongoing dispute between their label and its parent company. 

Titled “How Sweet,” the track dropped at 1 pm on Friday, marking the group’s first release in 10 months. 

The single features the energetic title track “How Sweet,” along with the pre-released song “Bubble Gum,” and instrumental versions of both tracks.

Described as a lively tune infused with Miami Bass, “How Sweet” introduces a fresh musical style for NewJeans. The members expressed excitement about the song’s charm that grows with each listen. 

They also emphasised the dedication put into the choreography and styling, urging fans to enjoy the full package.

Meanwhile, “Bubble Gum” delivers a city pop vibe, with its accompanying music video capturing the quintet’s playful antics at the summer beach.

Following the album release, the music video for “How Sweet” is set to premiere, followed by NewJeans’ performance on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank and the release of a performance video.

Amidst the music activities, NewJeans’ future hangs in the balance as Ador’s extraordinary general meeting approaches on May 31. 

The meeting is expected to determine the fate of CEO Min Hee-jin, with reports suggesting that Hybe might dismiss her. However, legal proceedings, including an injunction filed by Min Hee-jin to prevent Hybe from exercising its voting rights, are ongoing.

In a show of support, both NewJeans members and Ador employees who have worked closely with CEO Min have submitted petitions opposing her dismissal. 

Additionally, the group’s official fan club, Bunnies, has voiced its support for Min Hee-jin, urging respect for the terms of the contract between the parties until a legal conclusion is reached.