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New Zealand campaign comforts forlorn youth

WELLINGTON (AFP) – New Zealand yesterday launched a campaign to help young Kiwis through painful break-ups, encouraging the heartbroken to “own the feels” and block their exes on social media.

The government’s novel “Love Better” campaign offers advice and support about what to do when the romance ends, and will feature in podcasts and on platforms like Instagram.

“Break-ups can be mean… but you can channel it for good. Own the feels,” said a soothing voiceover in the campaign video.

Six in 10 New Zealanders aged 16 to 24 have been through a break-up, and a large majority of those have “experienced or perpetrated harmful impacts” as a result, according to data analysts Kantar.

The new campaign bills itself as “a community of the freshly broken-up, helping the freshly broken-up to keep a little hurt from becoming a lotta hurt”.

The video includes young people explaining how they dealt with break-ups.