Monday, May 20, 2024
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Brunei Town

New products aim to improve quality of life

Acer introduced Acerpure, a new lifestyle brand offering a range of modern household essentials designed to elevate convenience.

Venturing into Brunei‘s market for the first time, Concepts Commercial Supplies has been appointed as the Acerpure Authorised Partner.

Branch Manager of Miri and Brunei for Acer Sales and Services Sdn Bhd Richard Soo handed over the certificate of Acerpure Authorised Partner to Concepts Commercial Suppliers General Manager Vincent Pao at the Concepts showroom yesterday.

Acer Head of Display and Acerpure Edmund Hoh said, “Acerpure is dedicated to ‘Enhancing Human Quality of Life’. We focused our research and development in creating innovative technologies that integrate smart solutions into the customers’ life. This enables us to respond to and resolve modern customers’ challenges through tailored products. Hence, we announced the launch of the complete series of Acerpure products in Brunei.

“Through Acerpure water purifiers, air purifiers, air circulators, and cordless vacuums, we anticipate to simplify and elevate the lifestyles of Bruneians”.

The innovative products of Acerpure introduced include Acerpure Aqua water purifier, Acerpure Cool and Pro air purifiers, Acerpure Cozy and Acerpure Clean.

The main highlights was Acerpure Aqua which enables effortless access to hot and cold water.

The product eliminates the need for complicated piping installations, enabling easy access to clean water from anywhere in the house.

Meanwhile, the Acerpure Air purifier was ranked first in Japan’s Popularity List in 2022. – James Kon

ABOVE & BELOW: Acerpure Product Manager Lee Chee Han briefs about a product; and Concepts Commercial Suppliers General Manager Vincent Pao in a group photo with Acerpure officials. PHOTO: RAFI ROSLI