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New pre-workout beverage to enter Brunei market

Adib Noor

Sweetpalmbn officially launched its latest drink, Sweetpalmbn Kurma Black, during the Sip and Work Out fitness event at Myder Gym in Kampong Mata-Mata last Friday.

The event was organised in collaboration with all women fitness group, the Elitesquad21.

Sweetpalmbn founder Hajah Nuroll Suzela binti Haji Masri said the beverage is a blend of black coffee and dates.

“The drink is a great companion for a person with an active lifestyle by serving as a pre-workout beverage for an instant energy boost,” she said.

“The new beverage is completely different from those already on the market as it enhances inner strength, power, and energy,” she added.

She acknowledged the suggestions and introduced the 250-millilitre bottle in response to requests from customers who are fitness enthusiasts.

Some 40 participants who attended the event were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the new beverage. A lucky draw was also held.

The beverage can be purchased from department stores.

Sweetpalmbn founder Hajah Nuroll Suzela binti Haji Masri in a group photo. PHOTO: ADIB NOOR