Monday, April 22, 2024
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New photo studio offers pro selfie-style shots

Fotoria, a sister company to Masamichi Studio, recently opened and is looking to offer services for high quality selfie-shots.

“Selfies are very common. However sometimes the image may turn out a bit dark or blurry,” said founder and owner Jason Ong.

“So why not take your selfies in a professional environment so that the results are better, and you still get the fun out of a selfie session?” he said during the opening of their studio in Kiulap.

With any type of photography, lighting, techniques and the subject matter are important aspects, but most will not understand enough to get the right lighting while clicking away.

“This is where the professional comes in, especially those who understand lighting very well.

“Fotoria is a very new brand that I created with my family and my children. They gave me ideas on how to celebrate happiness.”

He said after being told that traditional portrait style photography was falling out of style, he did a bit of research on current trends and found the concept of the selfie studio picking up in the region.

“With this concept, it is convenient to book a photo session in one of our multiple rooms and the price is very affordable compared to the traditional portrait studio,” he said. “And you can use the photos for social media, be it graduation, awards, outfit of the day or reunion. So it is very general and suitable for all occasions.” – Lyna Mohamad

ABOVE & BELOW: Jason Ong and staff of Fotoria; and people during photo sessions. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD