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National under-21 team selection encouraging, says FABD President

Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (FABD) President Haji Feisal bin Haji Eusoff Patail expressed optimism after witnessing the encouraging response and high spirits from 400 football players who participated in the selection session for the national under-21 football team.

“The players’ determination to show their potential is very encouraging. We need to work hard to strengthen each other’s game, have discipline, physical strength and high stamina as well as commitment if you aspire to wear the national jersey,” he said shortly after the end of the session at the FABD Football Field on Sunday.

“Even though their backgrounds vary, the determination and high spirits of the players is very evident, proving their determination to help the development and success of football in this country.”

According to the president, this scenario depicts a very positive development for national football even if it foreshadows the challenges that will be faced by all parties.

“What’s important is that cooperation and commitment must be implemented earnestly to achieve all ambitions,” he said, adding that young players still studying should not neglect their studies.

Players on trial during the national under-21 football team selection session at the FABD Football Field. PHOTO: FABD

The selection session, open to players born in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, was joined by those who played in clubs in the Brunei Youth League and players not attached to any club.

According to the chief selection coordinator Aminuddin bin Jumat, a number of players have been identified, but through the two-day selection, it will help find more players who have the potential to be incorporated into the team.

He said a number of players have reached the desired criteria but they need to be polished to develop their potential.

“We are very grateful to the parents of players who gave moral support to attend the session,” he said.

FABD Deputy President Haji Mahrub bin Haji Murni and the FABD Executive Committee members were also present at the two-day selection session.